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How it works

How to increase yield with OneSoil

We offer two services that employ machine and manual field analysis

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Finding the limiting factor


We need to define and eliminate the limiting factor to increase yield. It prevents plants from growing and developing.

It's like the shortest stave in Liebig's barrel: the shorter the stave, the more yield you lose. We'll analyze the field and define what's limiting yield.


How we conduct the analysis

You share field coordinates, and we outline field boundaries, analyze the vegetation index data over several years, evaluate soil morphology and other characteristics using machine learning algorithms and satellite images.

All of that's done online. When we're done, we'll send you a report detailing the results as well as recommendations for eliminating the limiting factor.

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Special equipment needed

Conducting experiments

Field tests help find the best seeding and fertilizer application strategies for any crop or hybrid. We've conducted over a thousand experiments and are willing to share our knowledge.

See how profitable a technology is

We can conduct experiments in just a few fields instead of the whole farm.

Save on seeds and fertilizers

Depending on the field zone, we'll apply different amounts of seeds and fertilizers.

Improve crop yield

If the experiment is successful, the yield will be higher than usual.

"To determine the right seeding rate for your farm, you have to conduct field experiments. Variable-rate seeding experiments with OneSoil help do that.

The average yield increase with variable-rate corn seeding is 0.12 tons per hectare.

The average yield increase when increasing the carbamide application rate in high-productivity zones is 0.60 tons per hectare."

Bogdan Krivitsky

IMC's Technical Director

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What we need from you

Just equipment

The experiment requires a seeder or sprayer with variable-rate capability and a combine harvester with yield monitoring.

Get the best harvest this season

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Finding the limiting factor

  • What we need from you: field coordinates
  • Works for everyone

Conducting experiments

  • What we need from you: field coordinates
  • Works with special equipment
  • Pay only if the experiment is successful